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PLUG Mug meetup, Monday Aug 30 7 pm, PetSmart parking lot, Monaghan rd.

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The weather forecast looks nice for a meetup this Monday eve at the PetSmart/Tim Hortons parking lot.
If anyone is able to attend, please post here so that I can confirm if the meetup is a go.  We would need at least 3 people able to attend.

I'm interested.

I'd be interested.

Ok, there are 3 of us, available for the PLUG Mug, so the meetup is a go.

We had a very nice meetup last evening. There was Tom M., Mike and myself.  We broke off at 9 pm.
Mike and I brought our Dell XPS notebook computers and Mike seemed to get his multi boot menu to show up, so that he could easily boot into Ubuntu or Win 10.


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