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Plug Mug meetup this Monday evening , Aug. 16, 7 pm?


The weather forecast for next Monday looks good, for a meetup at the PetSmart/Tim Hortons parking lot for  7 pm.
Anyone interested?

I don't think I will be able to go. I have quite a day helping my brother out so I'll likely be too tired.

So I will post by Monday at noon, if the meetup is a go.
So far, from the response, it looks unlikely.

Ok, there will not be a meetup for this evening.
Perhaps next week, if there is good weather, we can try for one.

Shoot. I cancelled the thing with my brother today so I could have gone. :( I just restored internet access to my computer so couldn't post earlier. Boring story but let's just say that I am NOT happy with ProtonVPN.

Well, we can try again next week as you say.


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