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Free PDF reader for Linux for filling gov't forms?

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I have a government form I'd like to fill out before I have to visit Service Ontario. The form not only doesn't let me enter text in it but I can't even view the form in the default PDF reader I have or Foxit. It suggests I need the Adobe Reader which has only an old version for Linux. I could do it in Wine maybe but I'd really like to do it in Linux. Or at least in WINE. My computer doesn't have Windows installed on it.

So does anyone know of a PDF editor that lets you enter text into government forms? I've attached the form so you can see what I mean when you try to open it with your default PDF reader or Foxit.

If there isn't one that's free, does anyone know how well Acrobat runs in WINE?

I don't see any attachment, Jason.


--- Quote from: ssfc72 on August 12, 2021, 08:57:47 pm ---I don't see any attachment, Jason.

--- End quote ---

Oops! I have to remember to attach it first; then write about it. :D It's there, now.

Master PDF is the program that you need to download, to open that pdf document, Jason. It worked for me, on your attached pdf document.
Go to this Plug Forum post for the Link that I included.  This is a Link to an older version, which is free.,257.msg9342.html#msg9342

Thanks, Bill!


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