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When you get the dreaded "device is busy" error


I haven't seen this before but for some reason it happens occasionally with Veracrypt.

I've mentioned Veracrypt before. I even did a presentation on it once and could again if anybody is interested (virtually, of course).

The way I use Veracrypt is to create an encrypted "drive" which shows up as a mounted drive when decrypted and a file when not.

1. So I mount the "file" as a drive using Veracrypt and then have access to the files inside it.

2. Do stuff with the files in it.

2. When I'm done, I unmount the "drive" which restores it to it's previous encrypted file state.

The problem is that sometimes, it won't let my unmount the drive because it says "device is busy" when it's definitely not because I've exited the drive in File Manager and have no files in it opened.

The article here shows you how to fix that problem so you can unmount the drive. Normally, you'll just need to use the instructions in the first section. Sorry, Buster, I don't know how to do this graphically. But it seems to be a rare occurrence in Linux so it'll be okay. :)

Good to know Jason. Thanks for the info.
I have installed Veracrypt on one of my computers, a number of years ago, to try it out.  It works well and is a valuable feature to have.

Yeah, I really like Veracrypt, too. For first time users it can be a little bit intimidating but once it's understood how you make a drive out of a file, it's easy.


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