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Plug Mug Monday 7 pm, July 26, PetSmart parking lot, Monaghan rd.

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Anyone interested in meeting up Monday evening for a coffee and chat?  The weather looks good for either Monday or Wednesday.

We can meet out in the parking lot in front of the PetSmart store and if necessary, then move to a shady location somewhere on the parking lot.

I would be a "likely" on Monday, if the weather is good.

I'm interested but it does depend on the air quality. As I write this there is an air quality warning from the forest fires in NW Ontario. The bad air is supposed to pass later this evening only to come back Monday afternoon possibly. So I'll say yes but if their air is bad when I'm about to head out, I will have to cancel on it. I have allergies and any exercise including walking exerts me so I'd be breathing it more deeply than most.

Ok, the air quality for today looks to be poor due to the forest fire smoke, so Jason is probably not able to make the meetup.

So let's cancel this evenings meetup.  Perhaps this coming Wednesday evening, might be a better day to have a meetup?

Yeah, I doubt I will. The warning that was there had disappeared from my app and then came back again.

Wednesday would be good for me. I hope the air quality is good that day.

It'd be nice to have others make it as well. I doubt we'd have an unmanageable crowd, but please post if anyone else thinks they could do Wed.


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