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Billionaire Richard Branson set to fly to space aboard Virgin Galactic rocket

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There is a lot of events going on this weekend.  The above Virgin Galactic rocket launch with Richard Branson on board (Sunday), Wimbledon tennis finals (Saturday) and the Euro 2020 soccer Final between England and Italy (Sunday)

The first item sounds good. :)

On , it says the coverage will start at 9 am Sunday.  the liftoff time was not set but the total time of the flight is 90 minutes.

Cool. I'll check it out. The article also says that SpaceX will be launching its rocket with an all-civilian crew in September. I don't really understand why. It seems pretty useless to me but maybe they're trying to do a similar goal as Branson, space tourism.

broadcast time has been changed to 10:30 an.

Here is the streaming Link.


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