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Hello everyone.  Let me know if you are interested in a video meetup for this Wed. evening.
You can attend at anytime after 7:30 pm, if that is better for you.  The meetup usually goes until a least 9 pm.

If there is enough people interested, then I will send out a Link to the meetup at around 7:15 pm Wed.



The meeting is a go for this evening.  I will email out the Link at around 7:15 pm.

Jitsi video Link

We had a good video meetup last evening.  In attendance was Hugh, Lloyd, Brian P. and myself.  I lasted until 8:45 but I had a very sore lower back, so I left the group.
We talked about when we had or would get our second COVID vaccine shot, Brian mentioned that he had a fairly expensive smoker/bbq for cooking up tasty meat meals and that it used special wood pellets for fuel and could be controlled from his smart phone. I think it was an InQbrand model that he got from Rona in Lindsay and he got it during a 25% off sale.

Regret that I missed the June 9th video meet. It sounded like a good one but I was tied up with an anniversary. I am writing to ask if there is any inclination to meet face to face similar to what we did last year.  There could be up to three of us but more likely 2. Just thought I would chime in and in any event I will try my level best to make the next video pow wow( is that politically correct ? )  Let us know if there is any interest. Hoping all potential participants will see this post.


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