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One desktop with Win10 and Kubuntu Virtual, Dual Monitors, Magic


Rather than own two desktop computers, the same functionality can be found using dual monitors running, from the same desktop, at the same time, a Linux desktop and a Windows or Mac machine. I'm in my cluttered messy junk-room with a virtual Kubuntu running on the left, and Win 10 running on the right monitor, and the mouse moves from one to the other, dragging and dropping if I wish.

So I can have one running a sports event, or a church service (both choices doubtful!), and the other doing important research on nuclear fission (equally doubtful).

However they are sitting in an arc around me looking like the coolest thing possible. I'd send a picture but that would be unnecessary work. You will have to use your imagination.

I tried sooooo hard to pick the correct category!  :(


--- Quote from: buster on June 04, 2021, 05:50:28 pm ---I tried sooooo hard to pick the correct category!  :(

--- End quote ---

:D It's partly my fault, I said in the description for the board that it was "desktops" when I meant "desktop environments" although the various DEs mentioned should have made it clear. Evidently, not. Sorry!


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