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Run the Mac OS on Linux with Sosumi

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Anyone interested in having a Mac OS virtual machine on their PC inside Linux? If so, there is a snap application called Sosumi that does this very simply. A one-click install and then messing with a few settings if you want to change the default. Instructions can be found in this YouTube video.

Yep, I was looking at trying that, before I got side tracked with doing my income tax. :-(

I haven't seen this video before but I was watching other YouTube videos about using Sosumi, to run a virtual Mac OS.
The video I was watching was running Sosumi, on a Host Ubuntu.
I tried it with my Mint as a Host and immediately hit a wall with getting the Snap software to work.  That was as far as I got and was going to try again with Ubuntu, installed on the computer hard drive, but then I had to stop and get my income tax done.

I will be trying again.

Thanks Fox,for the Link to this video.

Mint is set up to be not Snap-friendly, but here are some instructions on how to install snap on Mint. It looks pretty straightforward. In case you're interested, here is an article that gives some background into Mint's aversion for snap packages.

Thanks Mike.  I did Google, for a fix to using Snap on the Mint Distro, but I did not have any success, so I will just try again using Ubuntu as a Host.

Interesting. I don't know if I have enough RAM in my system for this to work but it looks easy enough just to give it a shot and see what happens.


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