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I want to start testing my hardware to see if it's causing a few issues in Linux, perhaps the drive is losing chunks of data. Does anyone know of a good SSD testing program? I now to test HDDs but I'm unsure if I should use them to test SSD drives because of the drive having limited re-writes to it.

What is the make of the SSD?  If it's Intel or Toshiba, they have testing tools.

I'm sure other manufacturers do too.

I was looking for a specific recommendation of a tool for any SSD drive. But things seem to be fine now after a re-install so I think it was just some corrupted files.

The only reason I ask is although there are many generic utilities (for both HDD and SSD), individual manufacturers have their own applications that talk directly to their drives for diagnostics.  For example, Seagate has Seatools, and WD has utility dashboard.  Although a more generic utility will talk to SMART on the drive, and be able to detect bad sectors or reallocated units, etc.... often times, the first party utility will do additional logic traces that more generic applications will not have the ability to do or may otherwise ignore.

Thanks for the info. I have used some of them in the past (when HDDs were all the rage!).


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