Android Flubot scam

Started by ssfc72, April 23, 2021, 08:40:45 AM

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Android "package delivery" scam, in the UK.

A text-message scam that infects Android phones is spreading across the UK, experts have warned.

The message - which pretends to be from a package delivery firm, prompts users to install a tracking app - but is actually a malicious piece of spyware.
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Geez. That's a lot of work to install spyware for the non-technically inclined, the ones most likely to fall for this. Anybody else should be able to tell that a link ending in .cn probably isn't from their country (unless you live in China). Interesting, I wonder if this is connected in any way to the attempts by the Chinese government to steal technology from other nations. Also, they need to get with the times, Flubot is so 2019. It should be Covidbot if they want to be taken seriously.
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