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I read an article about the Zorin brothers and the good work they were doing in Ireland, and it prompted me to try the Zorin OS 16 beta. I just tried the live USB. There were no features of particular note - it's very much Ubuntu with a different face - but the face was interesting. Very aesthetically pleasing. One of the nice elements of it is a soft, pastel appearance, almost ethereal. The icons and typeface are attractive as well. Zorin has an appearance changer, and the free version has one desktop similar to Windows and another a modification of Gnome. I prefer the latter, but I have to say that the Windows version is attractive as well, and this is the first time I've been willing to say this about anything Windows-like. When I think of aesthetic Ubuntu-based distros I think of Elementary or Deepin, but I would have to say that Zorin OS is better looking than the other two. The main thing keeping me from installing it is the name; I don't like the idea of a distro being named after its maker.

Here is a nice review of the beta that seems to have come to the same conclusions I did. It emphasizes the look and customizations on top of Ubuntu 20.04.

With regard to display manager errors, I didn't encounter any on the live distro.

In terms of my continued testing, I don't know if I'll do any more. I still have the live distro on a USB stick, but I'm not inclined to install it. Manjaro was a better alternative distro for me to install because it's quite different from Ubuntu, and I have some familiarity with Arch from an old installation of it.

I hope you do install it. I would like to hear more!


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