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Amazing deal on Dell Latitute laptop (I think)

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I was looking for something else on eBay and saw this. It looks like an amazing deal (they claim almost half off) to get even a refurbished notebook for $1300 CAD with an i7-8650u processor (4.2 GHz quad-core with hyperthreading) with a 512 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM. The only drawback I see is that it has a French keyboard so you'd have to get used to typing on one of those. Some of the keys are remapped differently (the ones you normally press <shift> to enter), I believe. It's free shipping.

I wish I had the money! I don't buy computers very often, usually used and quite dated, so what you more knowledgeable purchasers think about the price for others that might consider.

They may disappear fast. It doesn't say how many there are but that half the stock is gone.

I sent a deal to a client recently for a Latitude.... Core i5, 4GB of RAM, 15" screen and HDD.

It was $649; direct from

I find it, often, cheaper to buy a new unit and do upgrades by hand.

I regularly buy Lenovo Thinkpads (E series) and do upgrades myself.  They are bullet-proof, and are dirt cheap for the quality.  Take the internal HDD and turn it into an external for backups.

It works out WAY cheaper with a bit of knowledge.  Don't buy used.

Was the processor the same speed and what would the extra RAM and SSD cost to put in just for better comparison? Just curious. I agree that if you buy new laptops, it's better to just add extra RAM and such than pay for the upgrades since that's what they markup the most. This listing is certified refurbished by eBay and while I don't know what that means itself in terms of quality, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

I've had good experiences buying used although it's usually a desktop. In fact, I haven't bought a new computer since 2004. The new one before that was in 1996. I usually get a few years out of a used computer that I bought for $100-150, sometimes under $100. I don't need the latest and greatest. Mine is usually a bit faster than my wife's so when I get a better one, I let her have mine. Everybody's happy. When everyone started moving to SSDs, I bought my wife one (I already had one) and it was like having a new computer for her. And we both had video cards added over the years, me for gaming, her for Second Life.

I'll know I'm rich when I can buy a computer that is spanking new. :) Closest I got in the last few years was buying a lightly-used Toshiba ultra-light from Fox. I'm using it right now. Buying a new computer is an extravagance unless you're playing the latest games or doing video editing or such.

I had a Lenovo ThinkPad, too. Loved it. They're great. I haven't tried shooting one yet, though. I think getting a gun isn't worth all the trouble. :)

I don't remember the speed on the processor to be honest.  I think it was an i5 10210U

A 4GB memory upgrade was $99 I think.

I'd buy an SSD from Amazon, I've had good luck with Kingston SSDs.... 480GB is $69.99.

I picked up 3 x Thinkpad E485s Christmas 2018 and for the 3 of them it was under $1300 (Lenovo normally has deals on their website - unannounced - at the end of the year).  They had 4GB of RAM and 500GB HDDs.  I bought some Crucial memory for each to bump them to 8GB and just used SSDs I had laying around.  Saved a bucket of money that way.

I'm the same as you, however.  I run my all my hardware into the ground before I start thinking about replacing.  I do game a bit, but not the latest and greatest... and with services like Steam, I can pick up cheap games that were popular a couple of years ago that run great on current hardware.

We don't need to buy a gun, we can just go to a shooting range.  They supply everything! :)

" When everyone started moving to SSDs, I bought my wife one (I already had one) and it was like having a new computer for her. "

There are only a limited number of ways to improve a 'mature' computer. Better cpu if possible, less heavy OS, more ram, and last on the list, what you did.

I agree. An ssd is the BEST way to bring new life to the aging but loved friend. Wish I could get an ssd installed in my body.


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