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My new solar fridge is "cool" LOL

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I mentioned in the last PLUG MUG that we are currently at our off-grid cabin.  Good weather (and boredom) dictates that I should be here doing some upgrades to the little place.  We hope to make it our primary residence in the next few years.

One of the most frustrating things about living off grid is refridgeration.  Last year I purchased a really neat chest freezer/fridge/cooler from a company called Unique.  They offer devices that are designed for off grid and low wattage (12/24 volt) input.

This year, and because we are hoping to spend more time up here (what else is there to do?), I made a splash and bought an offgrid fridge/freezer combo (from Unique).  It's looks like a normal refridgerator with a freezer on top, but it uses the same style compressor that the "cooler" I bought from them, does.  I've been running it for about a week now, and it is freaking awesome!

It uses a 12V/24V battery as an input source (I'm using a 12V AGM battery) and I charge it with 2 x 100W solar panels (also at 12V).

Not sure if anyone here is interested in such a thing, but I thought I would share my experiences.

Solar power really is amazing.

Thanks for sharing Glen. I don't have an RV or cottage but I still have an interest in the refrigerators that can run on 12 VDC.
I do have one of those portable 12 VDC solid state electronic coolers but they  really struggle at keeping the food, barely cool, in the summer temps.  I also think they are very inefficient and use a lot of current from a battery, for the small amount of cooling that they are capable of.

I'm guessing that's a thermoelectric cooler (Koolatron).  They can be really handy when you are on a road trip and want to keep things a bit cooler, but you're right they struggle when they have to compete with serious temperatures.

The units I purchased use special compressor called a Danfoss/Secop compressor.  No idea what is special about it, other than it sips power to keep things cold.

The geek in me just thinks it's neat that I can power a refridgerator with solar power (and the help of a generator with a battery charger on cloudy days).  :)

Yes, a thermoelectric cooler.

That's very cool. Be interesting to see if it can keep food cool once the summer comes and especially on hot days. You never mentioned the damage! :D


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