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Looking for Password Manager recommendations

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I've been having issues with my usual password manager, LastPass, and am considering moving to something else. Been looking at reviews and there appears to be a lot of choices and options, so many as to be confusing. The only features I must have are 2FA and syncing across multiple devices. Password generation is a plus but I have another way of doing it so it's not critical. Any suggestions from my geek squad? It doesn't have to be free although having a free version would be good for testing purposes until I know it's good enough, even with a limited number of passwords.

I'd be interested if anyone has input.  I still use KeePass for my password management.  It's great, but lacks most of the requirements that Jason is looking for.

I have been using KeepassX for several years now. I am using Linux as my OS and very rarely need to run the Windows OS.
As you say, KeepassX may not meet Jason's needs but I don't really need to have a password manager that syncs up with all my other devices.
On my main computer I do  have the encrypted keepassx file stored in my Dropbox folder and when I alter the keepassx file on my main computer, I also make sure I update Dropbox to the Cloud.
Then if I happen to need access to the keepassx manager on my cell phone, I just fetch the file from my Dropbox Cloud account,

At the beginning of my using password management, I started using Keepass but a browser-based password manager is much easier to use. I have LastPass set to even log into some sites for me as soon as I go to them. So it does the username and the password all at once. Thanks, anyway.

Yikes, I hope your browser doesn't auto log into your banking webpage.  If someone was to get access to your computer and gets by your OS login, then they would be able to fire up the browser and auto login to those web sites.


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