Author Topic: Digital photos and hidden information - a good BBC article  (Read 234 times)

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A very informative article about the hidden info in digital photos, that cameras take.
Most people know about the hidden meta data stored in a digital photo but there is also info that can be gleaned from the individual photon receptors in each photo sensor chip of individual cameras.

It is like how a gun can be identified, by the scratch marks on a bullet, from a gun, that the gun barrel makes.

Each digital camera photo sensor has millions of photo receptors, that each produce a charge when a photon hits the receptor.  No two photo sensors are alike, in the amount of charge that gets produced, when a photon strikes a photo receptor.  The different charge produced, between photo sensors is very small, but that difference can be used to identify an individual camera and the images it takes.
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Re: Digital photos and hidden information - a good BBC article
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Fascinating article. It alludes to the way that printers can also be identified via their printouts, as well, something I mentioned in another post. It's quite interesting that they actually used it to find McAfee. I believe he's wanted for murder unless I'm mistaken. Definitely, good use of this information in that case, unless you're McAfee!
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