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PLUG Mug Jitsi video meet-up, Tues. Mar. 16, 7:30 pm

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Hi everyone. I am going to try for a Jitsi video group chat for this Tues. evening.
While I would start the video chat at 7:30 pm, feel free to join in at 8 pm, if that is better suited for you.
I will need to know if at least 2 other people are interested, by 4 pm Wed,, otherwise I will cancel the chat.
If the video chat is a go, I expect it will probably continue until about 9 pm.
I will email the video chat login Link info, at around 7:15 pm Wed.


Bill (ssfc72)

Ok, there are enough people interested in the video meet-up, so the PLUG Mug tomorrow eve, is a go.  :-)

Just curious, how many say they're coming?

There are 4 people (including me) interested, at this point.

Here is the Jitsi Link, to this evenings video meetup.


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