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PLUG Mug Jitsi video meet-up, Wednesday, March 3, 7:30 pm

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There was Brian P., Hugh, Kal, Lloyd and myself at the video meet-up last evening. It was a very informative meeting and Brian and I bowed out at around 9:30 pm.

Brian brought up the topic of his purchase of a new Asus wireless router that had the wifi 6 or AX protocol and how pleased he was with the wireless speeds he is getting. Brian snagged a really good price for the wireless router at Newegg, I think it was.

This was very good info for me to know about wifi 6/AX, since I wasn't aware of this newer wifi protocol.

Brian also talked briefly on the use of the "ethernet over house wiring" wallwarts, that plug into your house wall plugs and allow you to use your house wiring to send an ethernet data stream to a remote location, in your house.

Other topics discussed were about how power outages to your home can damage your computer/electronics gear.  Brian has had this happen and Kal said he swears by the use of a UPS, to protect your most critical equipment from powerline failures/spikes.

Android analyzer apps that show you all the wifi signals that your phone is detecting can be useful to see where there might be interference occurring with your home wifi network.

LLyod spoke about his bad/good experiences with ISP/media providers such as Bell and Rogers.

A new discussion on Powerline Networking (ethernet over house wiring) was spun out of this one so I moved it to a new topic here:,1448.0.html


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