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PLUG Mug Jitsi video meet-up, Wednesday, March 3, 7:30 pm

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Hi everyone. I am going to try for a Jitsi video group chat for this Wednesday. evening.

While I would start the video chat at 7:30 pm, feel free to join in at 8 pm, if that is better suited for you.

I will need to know if at least 2 other people are interested, by 4 pm Wed,, otherwise I will cancel the chat.
If the video chat is a go, I expect it will probably continue until at least 9 pm.
I will email the video chat login Link info, at around 7:15 pm Tues.

Bill (ssfc72)

Ok, looks like we have enough people interested for a video meet-up, so the Jitsi video meet-up for Wed. evening is a go. :-)

I remember back when it was hard to get 2 people to a meeting. Glad that's changed. We'll have to spend more time talking about Linux or Computers than COVID next time. Not that it wasn't an interesting discussion; I just think I'm getting COVID fatigue from hearing so much about it.

Jitsi Link

Sorry I missed it. I hope it was a good discussion!


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