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MX Linux on a Raspberry Pi


This YouTube video provides a nice review of MX Linux for the RPi. The distro is currently in beta, but appears to be quite good and very responsive. Note that it is 32 bit, which runs on a 64 bit Pi as well. The author demos it with an overclocked RPi 4, but it appears to be as responsive as Raspberry Pi OS.

It's quite an informative video showing off the features of MX Linux. I disagree with him on how well it handles YouTube at full-screen. It might not be dropping frames much but there was a fair bit of tearing going on there even at 720 resolution. Otherwise, it looks as smooth as my i3 1.3 GHz laptop. No doubt the 8 GB of RAM helps here. I saw that in a program that showed his specs. He also has the processor overclocked and that's one hell of a heatsink! He didn't say but I saw in the picture that he was using a USB drive, presumably USB 3?

The specs also showed that it used Fluxbox. I haven't seen a distro using Fluxbox since the 1990s. That's not a bad thing. It's very light. This window manager was used from a time before KDE (it was called that then) and GNOME. IceWM, Enlightenment (not anything like Enlightenment today) and NextStep. Sorry, had to take the offramp to memory lane there.

I wonder how well it would perform on the RPi 3. Perhaps I'll give it a try sometime and report back.

Thanks for the share, Fox.


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