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How are you sending out emails?

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While back, was rejecting my login.  But, I generated "app password" on Yahoo site and got Fetchmail working again.   Now,, which handles my outgoing emails, is rejecting my connection.  So, I can download emails on command line but can't send out on command line.  So, I'm half-dead, right now.

This brings up a question... How do you guys send out emails?

I tried Thunderbird, and it works both ways.  But, it's not much different from web! 

Hello William.  I use the Thunderbird email client on my Mint 19 notebook computer and I have 3 different email accounts.

And, how is it different from using Yahoo's website?  I mean, in terms of workflow.

The only advantage I see is automatically logging into 3 different accounts.  With websites, you have to log in semi-manually (user and password are filled in by Firefox), then click "Mail".  So, 2 extra mouse clicks.

I have no idea how Yahoo mail works since I don't use it. I have an Office 365 account from work. I use Thunderbird from Ubuntu to send out and receive email. I also have a gmail home account and I send and receive mail from Firefox on that one. On my Mac side, I use either Apple mail or Outlook to send and receive mail.

What is it that you're looking for, in particular, William? What I mean is how do you want your email workflow to work? Are you looking for the least clicks possible?

In regards to me, I use Gmail (webmail interface) and Tutanota (local client) for my own domain address.

Btw, kudos to you for using email from the command-line. It's not something I'd do but it's an interesting choice. Why do you prefer it on the command-line? Just wondering if there is an advantage other than it being cool which, for us geeks, might be enough. :)


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