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Blog: Apple ignoring developers with subpar laptops?



No thoughts from me. :-)  I don't have any interest in Apple products.

If you look at the date of this site (Oct 2016), it closely corresponds to the announcment of the new MacBook Pro's, with concurrent announcement that Apple was killing off the 11" MacBook Air. The 13" MBA is still being sold, though I suspect that they will eventually kill it off too. I looked today for any announcements about the elimination of the 13" MBA, and didn't find any. As far as the replacement MacBook Pro's go, their retina displays are top of the line and they are actually lighter than the MBA. They have new generation processors and carry a minimum of 8 gb RAM (with additional options), and Apple claims that they are 25% faster than the previous models. Some have this new touch bar, Apple's answer to the touch screen. The biggest problem with them is that cost has gone up astronomically (partly to the depreciation of the Canadian dollar). The bottom of the line 13" MacBook Pro now costs a whopping $1900; double what I paid for my, admittedly lower spec MBA in 2013. If I were to buy my MBA today, I would pay $1,200 but it would come with 8 instead of 4 gb RAM and still only 128 gb SSD. Add $300 for a 256 gb SSD upgrade (if it's still available), and the price has still gone up $400 to move up to an MBP.

Jason, you might remember a debate we had about Apple computers being way overpriced. I used the MBA as a counterexample, and showed you that you couldn't buy a PC ultrabook with comparable features any cheaper. I can't make that argument anymore.


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