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Ontario Covid lockdown - will it be extended?

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With the daily count of new COVID cases remaining at well over 3000, it appears to me that Doug Ford government will have to extend the current month of Ontario lockdown, for another month. :-(
Or worse, the lockdown will have to be more severe, such as what Quebec is apparently going to do.

I didn't get around to bringing up this topic at our PLUG Mug video group chat, last evening.

I suspect it will be extended.  It doesn't appear to be doing very much, regardless.  Case loads haven't dropped since the initial lockdown in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

It's a sad day when people in Canada are told they have an imposed curfew.

I think this wave is going to be hugely dangerous. Neighbour lost his mother. A friend had a son and granddaughter with covid. The hospitals may get to having to decide who to accept for ICU, and necessary surgeries may be cancelled for others. Peterborough is so far sheltered from this, but probably not for long.

We must remember there are many stupid people in the world who do nothing to prevent the spread, like some of the vacationing politicians.

The vast majority of people will be fine.  I'm not completely buying into the argument that this is being caused by people not following the rules.  Most people I see and encounter are complying and doing their part.

The government has not released a lot of data about who is in hospital, amongst other critical pieces of data.  I hope they become more transparent in the coming weeks, but I'm not holding my breath.

Stay home, wash your hands, wear a proper mask when you go out (not a piece of cloth), and stay home if you don't feel well.

I expect it will be continued. I'm not sure that people get the point without a longer lockdown. But a curfew may be necessary, too. It seems to have a bigger psychological effect.

I'm also worried that with that vaccine rollout, there are going to be people thinking that once they have the vaccine they don't need to worry about masks and social distancing. Because they will be disregarding that it takes a while to build up immunity in the system (especially with 2 shots a month apart) and you can still get sick right after the vaccine if you were already infected. We also don't know yet if people can be carriers even if they are protected themselves.

When you say that the government hasn't released a lot of data about who is in hospitals, gmiller, what data are you looking for? There have been media articles about how many are in the hospital with COVID-19, in the ICU and on a ventilator.

I do believe that the spread is mainly from people not following the rules as the numbers spiked right after Christmas and because we have a lot of evidence that people are breaking the rules. I don't know anybody that isn't following the rules either but to conclude from that that it's not true is to commit the anecdotal evidence fallacy.

The situation here is alarming - new cases and active cases have shot up. Go to this this page and scroll down to "Compare cases by Public Health Unit" and choose Peterborough and Active Cases. That's a pretty sharp change from just 2 weeks ago. We went from 26 active cases at Christmas to 100 cases by January 4. Now we're back to 85 cases. The PPH said we'd be an orange zone now if it wasn't for the lockdown and probably be in a red zone soon.


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