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Margaret Rutherford 1960's movies. A great English character actress.

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I am currently enjoying the 1950's movies starring the great English character actress Margaret Rutherford.
I especially like looking for the facial features she pulls when playing the character Miss Marple of the Agatha Christie novels.
Some of the Miss Marple ( an older lady amateur detective) movies are found on YouTube.
The one I am currently watching, Murder At The Gallop, I found through the Usenet groups.  I use, ,to search for  movies/audiobooks .nzb files and the program Sabnzd+ , to download the media.

Boy, .nzb files aren't something I've heard of in a few years. I remember that a former member was big on .nzb files. Bob and I visited his mancave once and he had a lot of movies he got over it from Usenet. Mark something? He might even have an account in this forum.

How did you get access to newsgroups? I don't believe any ISPs support them anymore or does nzbfinder give you access?

You need to subscribe to a Usenet provider, in order to be able to use a program like Sabnzb+, to download Media.
I used the Usenet provider,  to provide the service.  They have a free trial  that you can use, to try them out.

Cool. I'm just curious but won't be doing it myself unless there's info in the newsgroups I'm interested in. I think it's mostly just spam and nzbs now. I'm restricting myself now to only shows or movies of the legal variety. I realized that I was ranting about how few people pay for content online even newspapers and realized that I wasn't being consistent when it came to videos. So I'm just trying to practice what I preach. :)

But not judging anyone. How can I when I did the same thing for decades? I do think a good argument can be made for downloading things you can't actually find anywhere to buy though. There's a lot of "out of print" stuff, as it were.

"realized that I wasn't being consistent when it came to videos."

I do six inconsistent things before breakfast every day!


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