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I'm hoping this becomes a thing but it probably won't. :D Here's a topic for posting funny or weird displays or error messages that pop from time to time. Please add to it!

I switched monitors in Linux Lite just now and this is what my desktop display looked like.

Oh my; haven't seen that one in awhile. Does it happen under particular circumstances? Have you reported it? Other than that, your Linux Lite desktop looks great! I really like the icons and the font.

It happened after I switched monitors without rebooting Linux Lite. It turns out that it switched to using mirror display mode with the laptop so I guess it was just really confused. I don't think it's necessarily worth reporting. I just went into displays and changed the resolution manually and disabled the notebook display.

As for the look, thanks. I don't think I changed the defaults, definitely not the font. But I may have changed the icons. I just looked and I'm using the following settings under Appearance.

Style: Adapta
Icons: Papyrus-Adapta
Fonts: Roboto Regular 12 and Monospace Regular 11
Rendering: Enable Anti-Aliasing box checked and Hinting is set to slight


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