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RPI 4, 2G and RPI Zero W projects

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I have ordered a RPI 4, 2G board and a RPI Zero W board, plus some accessories from, today. :-)

I am interested in a couple of projects where the Pi Zero W (a very small stripped down Pi with wifi) is used with a very small audio amplifier board, to build a very small, Internet radio receiver.
Another Pi Zero project is to use the PI Zero to build a very small, very low power FM transmitter.

The  RPI 4 is to replace the RPi 3B that died, on me. There are also nice projects that make use of the RPi 4, as well. :-)

I'll be looking forward to your reports on the rPi4!

From what I have read, in comments about the RPi 4, is that it runs quite hot.  If the RPi 4 is doing any moderate to heavy computing then you need to provide the CPU with active cooling.  Either a very large, heavy heatsink or better, a very good fan or fan/heatsink.  Any enclosure, would of course, need to be well ventilated.

My RPi 4 and RPI Zero W and accessories arrived in the mail today. :-)


--- Quote from: ssfc72 on October 08, 2020, 04:49:22 pm ---My RPi 4 and RPI Zero W and accessories arrived in the mail today. :-)

--- End quote ---

Sweet! Did you get it with a big heatsink or fan as Fox suggested? I noticed the Raspberry Pi 3 ran hot, too. In the summer, it'd show the thermometer whenever I was doing much of anything on it. But when I put it near my personal desk fan, I noticed that disappeared. So, I had a cooler, and didn't know it!


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