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The Lady Vanishes, a great movie. 1938 political suspense, train movie


An oldie but a very goodie, British movie. Some great British actors of the time.

I always like to find out what year these very old movies were made, due to the start of WWII in late 1939.
This movie was made in 1938 and it seems fitting that it deals with foreign intrigue, which must have been very prominent at that time.

You really do find some gems. It's cool that people have uploaded these movies to YouTube and the license holders haven't pulled them down (yet). Maybe some of them are in the public domain now?

YouTube has now taken this video down. :-(
There is a BBC video adaptation of The Lady Vanishes.  It is available through the Hoopla video service, available from the Peterborough library.
I was able to view it from my Linux Mint 19 Distro using the Firefox browser.

Oh, that's too bad that they took it down. Are you downloading the movies via the downloader program you mentioned previously?

Yes, for the movies on YouTube, I use the 4Kvideo downloader program, for movies that I like and want to have a copy.  Hopefully I used 4K to download the Alfred Hitchcook version.
I haven't seen the complete BBC adaptation video of, The Lady Vanishes, but so far I think the Hitchcock version is better.


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