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Linux Journal rises from the ashes


Linux Journal has been revived by Slashdot Media; read about it here. It will be published online free. I'm glad it will publish again. I was on their editorial board previously, though I didn't contribute much. It is one of the more technical, dev-oriented Linux journals and as a result, most of the articles were over my head. But the magazine always had a few articles of interest, so I will look for it when it comes out.

That's cool! It'll be fascinating to see where they take it. It appears they're looking for contributors as well. Any interest, Buster?

I don't know if anyone here recalls Slashdot itself. It was a very popular website that announced new tech and geek-related (space, science, etc.) news. For a while it was so popular that when it posted a link to a website, the website would crash under all the additional traffic. Sites that it happened to were referred to as having been "Slashdotted". It was considered a badge of honour to be slashdotted. The website is still there but I don't believe the popular is anything like it once was. It was one of the first tech news aggregators, in a way.

Anyway, we'll have to keep an eye on the new LinuxJournal.


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