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Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, K235 - great battery life

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I believe I bought this combo in 2018 and started using it in December 2018. I have used it daily since about March 2019.
The keyboard takes 2 AAA batteries and I just tested the batteries today and they are still showing that they have a good amount of charge left.  That is amazing to me, since there is no off switch to turn the keyboard off when not being used.

I believe I just recently changed the single AA battery in the mouse.

Wireless keyboards seem to go a long time between charges. I've found that even with rechargeable batteries. Mine doesn't have an on/off switch either. Getting that long out of a battery is pretty impressive although I guess we all use our computers different. Do you use it much?

I was just taking a look at it online. The keyboard is different from mine, it's tabular, I guess they call it. Are you a touch typist? Just curious about how it feels which is more important to me than anything else.

I am a hunt and peck typist. :-)   The keyboard has a very nice feel to it. The action of the keys is very nice. The keyboard is also very nice and light, very easy to shift around on the desk.
I like the mouse very much as well. It is not overly large and fits in my hand nicely.  My hands are a bit on the large size.

Thanks Bill, for your review.  I've been eyeing MK850 because I want to try out wireless keyboard/mouse.  All my devices are wired.


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