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Gnome OS (YouTube)?


Here's an Intriguing video. It's about 7 minutes long. It's not like the Gnome version of Neon but has a similar objective.

Neon is a full fledged distro, sort of, with Ubuntu as a base. Gnome seems to be less from the video, without a typical base I think. If they stuck it on say Ubuntu, and it could be used for awhile, even I, disliker of all thing Gnome, would have tried it.

I use Gnome almost exclusively, but on Ubuntu. In my opinion, their customized version of Gnome is better than pure Gnome or any other version of it I have seen. So my only potential interest in Gnome OS would be to experience the current version before Ubuntu gets it.

Yeah, it's not really a distro because it doesn't have a package manager which is why I said it's not the Gnome version of Neon. But it's objective, like Neon, is to showcase the latest version of the desktop environment. Neon specifically says that's why they created it, too, although there's can be used as a distro since it's just Ubuntu with the most recent Plasma repositories.

It's usable but it's just Gnome apps, I believe. It's meant to demonstrate Gnome and all the installed software is built from source (which is explained in the video).


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