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Expanding a Virtual Hard Drive


Because my Linux exists inside the evil Microsoft Empire operating system I found myself cramped in its little Linux cell because I used it so much. Daily I seemed to add something and the 49 gig hd of Kubuntu  was approaching bursting.  And I couldn't just reinstall, because during an upgrade it had purloined the hidden password for buster into PLUG that even I don't know. And that had never happened before. And probably never will again.

1. Open VMWare and select, in my case, Kubuntu.
2. Don't click it, but click 'edit virtual machine settings'.
3. Select Hard Disk.
4. Select  'expand'.
5. Follow the yellow brick road.

Now you must open your distro and use Gparted (because it is absolutely the simplest for doing this) and expand the partition.

6. Live happily ever after.

I wasn't even aware that you could do this. So thanks for the tutorial, Buster. It's such a good tutorial that I've moved it to this board - Articles, Tutorials and Tips.

So... on another evil Win10 machine, without my special password enhanced Kubuntu, I copied Kubuntu from my  laptop via lan and placed it securely into Documents on the basement Win10. Opened VMWare on the basement Win10 and ran the clone of the gifted guest upstairs and now I am writing as Buster to PLUG!

Surprisingly, sometimes things work.


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