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The Lightness of Linux: Gnome and Plasma in virtual


The system my distro has to live in is constrained by my 2 core cpu, and the tradition of using 2 gig of ram. VMWare sits in Win 10 as host.

Because of Fox's insistence on the perfection of Gnome I installed Ubuntu once again. And I used it for awhile, though never happily. I have always found it heavy in vmware. And I don't really like how it does things. But I persisted.

After awhile I decided to also install Plasma in Ubuntu, so I could test each with the same sub-system, and noted the difference. And it's easy to go from one to the other at boot. So here's what I found.

There was a noticeable difference in speed, but as Jason had mentioned in a different thread, with more resources Gnome would probably match Plasma. So the problem I face with Gnome may just be limited resources. But my bias towards Plasma is also a result of liking the way Plasma does things, and the ease for getting themes and manipulating the environment.

Hope the two screenshots work, one from Gnome and one from Plasma.

The screenshot of Gnome sort of reminds me of the way my Commodore 128 File manager looked like. :-)


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