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I'm trying to convert my wife to a Linux user by installing it alongside Windows. Since a lot of distros have almost the same features but different Desktop Environments (DEs), what do you guys think is a good beginner DE? If you want to suggest a distro, too, I'll allow it. :)

Trinity, available in Q4OS.

Jesse on Distrowatch: I had wondered going into this trial if Trinity would be available on the Plasma install media and, if so, if Trinity would offer a usable experience. Trinity was created as a continuation of KDE 3 about eleven years ago, after KDE 4.0 was launched, and I did not expect a particularly modern or polished experience. However, Trinity worked well and, with a little adjustment, looked quite good in my opinion. In a few places, like the settings panel, it shows its age, but Trinity provided a solid performance and I found I enjoyed it better than Plasma.

And Harry adds thatI have it installed and use it sometimes.

It looks better than I thought it would. I thought I remembered you showing Trinity before and it looked like KDE 3 which, while nostalgic, had a really outdated look. This looks more modern. But this part in the review worries me:

--- Quote ---The one weak point in the experience for me was Discover. The software manager offers several features and I like that it can integrate with both Flatpak and Snap, but trying to do almost anything with Discover (apart from installing updates) caused the centre to crash.
--- End quote ---

I don't know if that's a common experience or just something about his particular network connection or repositories. Maybe he added some software and repositories and Discover hiccuped on one of them. I know that she would not take well to synaptic.

"I don't know if that's a common experience or just something about his particular network connection or repositories. "

Mine just works. Upgrades and updates just happen. I never look for updates. A little symbol just shows up and I click it. I did add Synaptic for convenience, but not for updates. I also don't bother with Konqueror . The little orange item, bottom right in the picture means updates. It doesn't show when there aren't any, and it's very quick. Had it for quite awhile.

Old, stable, quick, easy.

Is it doing updates through Discover, though?


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