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Plasma vs. Xfce

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Here's another video discussing others who have compared the two desktops in resource usage.

Just to follow the last comments after all this time, there are some, who pretend to be scientists, who still use the slow and heavy Gnome. There was at last count only one in all of Peterborough, and I wont mention any names, but he or she uses Gnome. And this is alright, if you don't mind using a desktop that sucks royally.

And I can prove that it is true that no one else in Peterborough uses Gnome by requesting this: If you use Gnome, please add to this thread and write, as honestly as you are capable of being, 'I use Gnome as my main desktop environment, and I live in Peterborough.'

Heavens, most people still don't know how to pronounce it.

You have to be a bear to bear-bait, not a Gnome.  :P

There must be something to Gnome since it is the default in many more distros than Plasma although most also offer Plasma. I surmise that Buster is just trolling Fox because he doesn't have anything better to do. :)


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