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Lubuntu 20.04 presentation - using daily build on March 1, 2020


Attached are notes in PDF version although most of the notes are really just listing software. Also attached odt format for those of you who would like to make changes to it. Be cool if somebody added screenshots to it. If you do, please share back.

I mentioned the dearth of wallpaper at the meeting. It sounds like they're working on it. Recently the Lubuntu project held a contest where users could contribute their own images. Judging has begun.

Lubuntu 19.10 has a sexy manual, too. Looking at it briefly, it looks like it would be applicable to 20.04.

Turns out I was wrong about the Lubuntu people not listing minimum system requirements. In the fine print, I found this page.

The short take - you need 1-2 GB of RAM and at least a Pentium 4 or Pentium M processor.

You can have as little memory as 512 MB if you mostly do local (not online) work even with LibreOffice. The processor has to be at least a Pentium 4 or Pentium M or AMD K8 but you'd need to run an older version like Trusty. Trusty is 14.04 LTS which passed end-of-life about a year ago. If you're not doing much stuff online, using an old version like that is fine. That's pretty impressive even though these are older Lubuntu versions.

They mention the rule of thumb is that your computer shouldn't be more than 10 year old for recent versions of Lubuntu. Recall that you cannot upgrade from version 18.04 LTS or before to the latest version. It will break your system.

ssfc72 had some bad experiences with earlier versions of Lubuntu from 1 1/2 years ago. You can do a search on those experiences. Note he was using 18.04 LTS and 18.10. Hopefully those bugs have been worked out. 18.10 was the first version to include the new desktop environment, LXqt. I haven't experienced any bugs other than ones noted in the presentation. However, my laptop has run every distro I've thrown at it with no problems.


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