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Into the Wild - very good book and movie


For anyone who hasn't read the book and seen the movie, this is a very good read!  This is a real life story.

It is about a young American guy who upon graduating from an American university, donates the $24,000 in his bank account, to Oxfam, and with next to nothing for money in his pocket and no possessions, other than his old Datsun B210, heads out to the American south west to see the back country, on his own.
He also does not tell his parents or his siblings, about doing this and his ultimate goal is to explore the Alaskan wilderness, on his own.

He goes missing for 2 years, until some people, in 1992, on all terrain vehicles find a body, in an old 1960's construction bus, that was left way out in the wilderness, in Alaska.

I suggest you read the book or listen to the audiobook, before you watch the movie.

The ebook and audiobook should be available as a digital download from your library.


Sounds like an interesting mystery, Bill. Thanks for sharing.


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