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Pick one choice and after two weeks see the final result. Hope everyone participates in this one. Would love to see what people use.

Reply and let us know why the DE is your favorite.

* What do you like about it?
* Are there any downsides that you care to share?
* How fast do you find it compares to the others?
* What kind of hardware do you use it on?

For me, it's Gnome. I started with it, got used to it, switched to Unity for a few years when Ubuntu had it as a default, and then back when Gnome became the Ubuntu default. I don't like vanilla Gnome, but the customized version that Ubuntu uses is nice. It's attractive, puts the dock on the left where I like it, and has a nice icon theme. I can find apps easily with it. I like the menubar as well, though the one in other DEs is just as good.

The biggest downside is that the clipboard isn't working properly, with the cut/copy command moving text to the clipboard only half the time (every other copy). I never experienced this in Ubuntu before version 19.10 and I don't know if it affects any other distro. Hopefully it will go away in the upcoming 20.04 LTS.

Speedwise, any DE I've ever used feels about the same as this one. My computers aren't new, but they're fast enough and I have SSD's in all of them.

Hardware: 2011 and 2015 iMacs, Dell xps 13 2 in 1 laptop, 2012 Mac mini.

My second favourite DE is Cinnamon; I use it in Mint as my main distro on my office (2015) iMac. It can be set up more or less the same as Gnome, and works similarly except it provides a proper menu. (Gnome doesn't really have a menu, but the combination of favourites on the dock plus quick search by pressing the command key actually seems faster than a menu.)

Generally I prefer the DE that comes with the distro (thus Gnome on Ubuntu and Cinnamon on Mint). When I was trying out Manjaro, I liked the way that XFCE worked on it. I think that this is because the devs put the most effort into their default DE, making it work best. The 'buntus is a bit of an exemption in that each 'buntu is maintained by a different group.

Thanks for your comments, Fox. When I'm feeling a bit better, I'll get around to writing why I like Plasma. Btw, it looks liked you wrote your comment but didn't vote in the poll? I think the option is still there if you want to do it.

Didn't see the poll, but I voted.

I haven't really done much testing of DE.  I have been using the Cinnamon DE in Mint and it is fine.
My one must for a DE, is a one click shut down icon/button.  Mint takes 3 clicks but I found a hack that gives me a one click shutdown button.

I also run Lubuntu on another notebook computer, with the default DE and it has a 2 click shutdown  icon.


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