January 2018 PLUG meeting - CANCELLED!

Welcome to 2018, everybody! An interesting PLUG meeting had been planned for this evening, but in light of today's weather conditions, I'm declaring a SNOW DAY!

I've heard first-hand reports of drivers this morning on Highway 115 doing 20 km/h in heavy snow conditions, with more snow to come through today and into tomorrow. In this situation, if you don't have to be out there in the weather and on the roads for a very good reason, please, stay indoors! I love falling snow, SO picturesque - from the OTHER side of the glass! <^8#

And, on an amusing note, I took over as president wanting to do new things with the club - who knew I'd be the first to cancel a monthly meeting!? <^8# Unprecedented in 10+ years, wouldn't you know?! <^8#

I'm hoping February brings less of a challenge for diehard Linux... aficionados? practitioners? obsessive-compulsives?! ...to get together!

Your president,