Coursera - Introduction to Interactive Python

If the presentation earlier tonight piqued your interest in Python, you can check out Part I of the course here:

The full course is in two parts. Part I has 5 weeks and Part II has 4 weeks. There are lectures, quizzes and mini-projects. The mini-projects are where you will learn the most and have fun doing it. It's challenging but very much worth it. You will make a new mini-game every single week. Part I has finished but it's archived so even though you can't get marked on the mini-projects or credit on the quizzes you can still attempt them after watching the lectures. And I'd be happy to provide feedback in the Forums. If you need the assessment, Part I starts again on May 22. There are instructions at the end of Part I to join Part II. And there are tonnes of other tutorials on Python online - just do a search.