February 2018 PLUG meeting: elementary OS

Jason Wallwork and Harry Ellis will be co-presenting "Running elementary OS as a virtual machine: Upsides and Pitfalls".

Jason will begin with a quick introduction to elementary OS running under VirtualBox and show the basics of how it looks and works. Harry will make comments along the way and then describe his contrasting experience of running the same distro under VMWare Player where he hit some curve balls.

We’ll have a dialogue about why we think this might be happening and then invite members to join in the discussion.

Finally, Harry will explain the usage of Plank beyond the obvious and how updates are handled (and shown) in elementary OS, and to conclude the presentation he will point out the additions needed to enable drag and drop between the VM and the host and the advantages of downloading with a Linux machine.

This is one meeting you don't want to miss - two Linux geeks with countervailing viewpoints. It's sure to be evocative and educational!

Date: Monday, February 5, 2018 - 7 PM

Location: Applewood Manor
1500 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
Parking is on the east (right) side. Entrance is at the front of the building. From the front, go down the hall to the right, and enter the last door on the left.

Sadly, we must report that Bob Foley has handed in his resignation as President and declared his intention to no longer attend meetings. Although we're sorry to hear this, we appreciate his service and his openness in sharing his skills and knowledge over the many years. His attendance and leadership will be missed. Good luck in your future achievements of which we're sure there will be many, Bob!

January 2018 PLUG meeting - CANCELLED!

Welcome to 2018, everybody! An interesting PLUG meeting had been planned for this evening, but in light of today's weather conditions, I'm declaring a SNOW DAY!

I've heard first-hand reports of drivers this morning on Highway 115 doing 20 km/h in heavy snow conditions, with more snow to come through today and into tomorrow. In this situation, if you don't have to be out there in the weather and on the roads for a very good reason, please, stay indoors! I love falling snow, SO picturesque - from the OTHER side of the glass! <^8#

December PLUG meeting: Linux Mint 18.3, with pizza & egg nog!

Welcome to our final PLUG meeting of 2017! As ever, we bid 2017 goodbye with pizza, egg nog, pop & cookies!

Jason Wallwork will be presenting the newest release of Linux Mint, one of the most popular distributions for Linux. The latest version, 18.3, was released only days ago for with either the Cinnamon or MATE desktop environments. This point release includes many enhancements of LM exclusives as well as some new features. Jason will take us through a tour of the latest release and generally how Linux Mint is different from other distros.


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