March 2018 PLUG meeting: Pop!_OS

Pop!_OS is a new distro developed by System76, an American company that makes and sells Linux computers. Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu, but System76 added a few tweaks to make it distinct. Mike Fox will be demonstrating Pop!_OS. He will review its design and unique features, first on a live USB, and then on an installation, which he will perform at the meeting.

Bill Hopkins will also be providing a presentation.

I look forward to seeing what you gentleman have to bring!

Website maintenance

The club website will be inaccessible for a short time early Friday morning. You'll be able to get here but will see a maintenance notice. Maintenance will be at 2 am and should only last an hour. The forums will still be accessible during this time. Thank you for your patience!

Jason Wallwork
PLUG Webmaster

New PLUG President

Brian Sterling, aka cod3poet, has graciously offered to take on the role of President, effective last Monday evening.

I will be mentoring Brian as I pass over my duties to him over the next six months transition period. At the end of the transition, Brian will have taken on all my responsibilities other than webmaster should he wish me to stay on. In the meanwhile, you should approach Brian or Bill if you have concerns or comments.

Bill and I are most appreciative of Brian stepping forward and we look forward to great things from him. PLUG is in great hands. Please join us in welcoming Brian into his new role and giving him the welcome that you have given me over the many years in my tenure.

Jason Wallwork


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