Fresh new forums

I haven't been successful at restoring the forums. I may give it another try in a few days. I discovered that Drupal has support for forums built-in. The forums module is pretty simple but I hoping everyone will give it a try.

You need to create an account. Your former Forums account will not work. If you have an OpenID though, you already have one. Click on that link. If you don't then, click on the Create new account link.

On the menu you will see a link as well as within Navigation on the left-hand side. Click on it. Choose an area and post when you have something to talk about. Notice, there are only four forums. I decided to go with a much simpler layout.

Still working on the Forums

I sort of had the forums back earlier today, just long enough that somebody was able to post. I never got to see the post as I was still working on a template issue so I removed them and started from scratch. Sorry to whomever posted. If I'm not able to to get the forums back up as they were in a couple of days, I may just decide to bite the bullet and start fresh. There might some advantages to this - such as a new simpler layout. Less Discussion groups. The downside will be having to re-register. Probably nobody will miss the old posts.

PLUG Website Transfer Complete (maybe)

If you're reading this message, you're now seeing the PLUG website as hosted by our new provider. Yay!

At the time of this post, I only have Drupal running. The page you're looking at was generated by Drupal. But give me some credit - I did install Drupal and write this fancy message. That should count for something. However, I'm hoping by the time you guys actually see this post, I will also have the forums back up and the posts restored. If not, they will be within a day or so.



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