UPDATE September PLUG Meeting (Re)rescheduled - Still on

Due to requests and the long weekend the first meeting of the season is getting pushed to September 16th. Due to the room already being booked for the 9th.

Apologies for the short notice but I hope this message reaches everyone!

As for the upcoming meeting it was suggested we gather our Pi's. I know for a fact I want to trot out my Xeon workstation to give you folks a peek.

I'll post again closer to next weeks date with further details!

PLUG Meeting - May - Gentoo and 2 factor -- RENEWAL TIME

There will be two topics presented by past President, Jason Wallwork. The long-awaited presentation of passwords and 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) will be joined with a look at Gentoo Linux, a distribution that uses packages built from source.

Also as a reminder membership renewals are up this year, so if you can show up with $25 in cash or Cheques payable to Peterborough Linux Users Group that would be much appreciated.

April PLUG Meeting - Two factor Authentication ***CANCELLED***

The PLUG meeting scheduled for tonight has been **CANCELLED* with apologies for the inconvenience. Jason has been fighting water in the ear this weekend and it's particularly bad today.

For anybody that doesn't see this message until after arriving at Applewood, proceed to the Tim Horton's at Monaghan & Lansdowne.


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