April 2017 PLUG Meeting; THIS Monday, April 3, 2017


This should be a very busy meeting, we have FOUR topics!

Raspberry Pi

Member Mike Fox and VP Bill Hopkins will each be showing off their new Raspberry Pi, the $35 mini-computer perfect for Linux. They will show what they're doing with it right now and there will be some explanations of how to install various Linux distributions onto an SD card or for better performance, to a USB flash drive. Mike has even figured out how to multi-boot it.

Linux Mint : Is its Update Manager secure for beginners?

There has been some controversy in that Linux Mint's update manager doesn't, in beginner mode, install all updates, including some security updates. Jason Wallwork will show you what he has found after doing some investigation into what updates aren't being installed and whether beginners need to worry.

Server Monitoring Tools

Brian Sterling will show you how he monitors servers in the enterprise using mainly open source technologies.

Date: Monday, April 3, 2017 - 7 PM

Netflix adds support for Firefox under Linux

Now you Firefox fans don't have to switch to Chrome to access Netflix:

Linux users have a new option if they want to watch Netflix -- the streaming service is now compatible with Firefox for the platform. Before this, only Google Chrome could play videos from the website outright.

Full (very short) article here: https://www.engadget.com/2017/03/22/netflix-firefox-linux/

Make Use Of article: 5 Innovative Linux Operating Systems You Should Try Today

Void Linux screenshot showing installation

The website MUO has a refreshing article on some innovative Linux distros. Three of the distributions are ones I've never heard of before now. Void Linux sounds particularly impressive. Here's a snippet:

While Void also seems to be aimed at experienced Linux users, the installation process is much friendlier. For example, Void has an actual installer program, unlike Arch. It also supplies a live desktop to test it out. There are also some interesting architectural decisions that makes it different from many Linux operating systems.

Check out the article here.


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