Free Raspberry Pi course through Coursera

Coursera has a free self-paced course on programming the Raspberry Pi and it's rated 4.5/5 stars. It's part of the IoT (Internet of Things) specialization. Check it out here:

You have to preview the course to see the requirements, which of course include a Raspberry Pi but there are a couple of other things, too:

Hardware Requirements

Rage-quitter takes his JavaScript toys and goes home

Saw this article on Ars Technica from a couple of days ago. Apparently, a dispute over a trademark resulted in a developer removing his code projects and broke many websites that relied on portions of his code. Makes for an interesting story but also makes me leery of using JavaScript for serving up pages. You can read it all at the link below. Yikes!


GNOME Disks to check health of drives

Did you know that you can use GNOME Disks, an application for checking the health of your drives, including solid state drives? Here's how:


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