Tecmint: 15 Examples of How to Use apt-get

Bet you didn't know that apt-get has so many options. If you're using Debian or a Debian/Ubuntu-based derivative, Tecmint shows many different ways of using apt-get including lesser-known uses like getting version numbers of packages, verifying packages, and fixing broken packages. Are there other ways you use apt-get? Let us know in the comments.


Ars Technica: Homebrew Router using Ubuntu-server

Ars Technica has a well fleshed-out article showing you how to use off-the-shelf components and Linux to make your own router that is much more powerful than anything you can buy pre-made. Note that the hardware they use in this article is overkill for most purposes unless you have a 200 computer network you're serving. But the hardware is PC-based so any Mini-PC would work, even older PCs. What I find interesting about the article is that it goes into the details of how to configure Ubuntu-server to be the router. Let us know in the comments if you have ever turned a PC into a router or installed custom software on a router and how well it worked for you.


Ubuntu Mate 16.04 Review @ Freedom Penguin

This article makes Ubuntu MATE sound awesome. Check out the intro quote below.

I'm trying it out on my laptop and so far I'm pleased with the install and the configuration which was super user-friendly. Even novices can install this distribution and be up and...


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