December PLUG meeting: Linux Mint 18.3, with pizza & egg nog!

Welcome to our final PLUG meeting of 2017! As ever, we bid 2017 goodbye with pizza, egg nog, pop & cookies!

Jason Wallwork will be presenting the newest release of Linux Mint, one of the most popular distributions for Linux. The latest version, 18.3, was released only days ago for with either the Cinnamon or MATE desktop environments. This point release includes many enhancements of LM exclusives as well as some new features. Jason will take us through a tour of the latest release and generally how Linux Mint is different from other distros.

Time permitting, we may also have a presentation on GRUB parameters, those indispensible settings that can make the difference between a smooth-running machine and a failure to boot, something many of us have experienced a number of times.

Hope to see you there!