A very nice Graphical chart of all Linux Distros

The graphic represents all the Distos listed on Distrowatch. Very nice!


Now, to figure out a way to print that graphic and make it large enough to be readable! Probably, somehow, print to multiple pages?

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I actually tried to follow all the branches on my display; focusing on which distros still exist and their origins. It's interesting how certain distros generated a lot of others (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat), while others generated very few (SUSE, Gentoo). Also interesting that Mint, listed #1 in Distrowatch, hasn't spawned many derivatives.

The information isn't complete either. I noted that Crunchbang shows a dead end, whereas there are three distros around today that are derived from it (Crunchbang++, Crunchbang Monera, BunsenLabs Linux).

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Very cool!


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