Ars Technica: Homebrew Router using Ubuntu-server

Ars Technica has a well fleshed-out article showing you how to use off-the-shelf components and Linux to make your own router that is much more powerful than anything you can buy pre-made. Note that the hardware they use in this article is overkill for most purposes unless you have a 200 computer network you're serving. But the hardware is PC-based so any Mini-PC would work, even older PCs. What I find interesting about the article is that it goes into the details of how to configure Ubuntu-server to be the router. Let us know in the comments if you have ever turned a PC into a router or installed custom software on a router and how well it worked for you.


Stefan Tzineurakis has just, or is in the VERY late stages, of doing exactly this. I know he's been through a number of prepared solutions, but, last I heard, he settled on Ubuntu (server?) to do everything he needed to set up a uniquely-configured solution for his home. We should bug him about doing a presentation of all of the options he considered...!! <^8#

Indeed we should or nag enough he comes out to a meeting :)


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