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The Peterborough library has a paperback copy of Linux Essentials, 2nd edition from Sybex written by Christine Bresnahan & Richard Blum. I flipped through the book and it very much covers the same topics as the Introduction to Linux course at EdX, another way of saying it's very thorough on the basics - there is lots of stuff in there on the shell and shell scripting too for users beyond the obvious basics. So it's a good alternative if you prefer to read than watch. It has exercises to test your new skills, as well.

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Good to know; thanks. Is this an old book? I have looked through the library's holdings on Linux before and their stuff is often 3 or more years out of date. Perhaps that doesn't matter to a book about essentials, vs a specific distro. If you have it out now, could you bring it to the meeting?

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It's from 2014. Looks in almost-new shape, though. I don't have it out. I don't think the age matters in this case; most of the information covered is common to all Linux distros and goes way back.


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